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SONA or Student Organised Network for Architecture held a #sonaupscale competition across Australia. The brief was to design with a concept of "renew" for students and teachers sharing the same unhealthy work-life by bringing work to their homes and blurring the lines between personal "down-time" and work. 
I entered for NSW/ACT and was incredibly fortunate to come second.

Ruko is a multifunctional home workstation with an adjustable desk, presentation point, chalkboard, and drawing board. Ruko is short for "Rumah-Toko" meaning shop house in Indonesian. It is inspired by the distinct separation of spaces seen in traditional shophouses. With an ability to be tucked away at the end of the day, the design allows for a complete disconnection from work life.

Competition - SONA superstudio: Text
Competition - SONA superstudio: Selected Work
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